Features to help your business

Timesy has been designed with one aim, to help your business. Whether that’s to reduce the amount of paperwork, administration time or simply reduce the confusion of who is off and when. Our Annual Holiday Tracker is packed full of features to help you.

Employee work schedules

Each employee gets their own work schedule, meaning you can define which days of the week they work and also if those days are half days or full days.

This is then reflected when booking time off. Days that they don’t work are highlighted in grey and days that they work a half day are taken into account.

Adding the employee work schedule after adding staff member is key, as the Timesy booking system calculates how much time should be deducted from their total.

Holiday leave types

Timesy can handle any type of reason your employees may need time off. Whether that be holiday, sickness or maternity we have you covered.

Timesy comes with 5 leave types by default, but each can be customised and the colour you pick is reflected in the team calendar to help you see who is off and why.

Create your own

You can even build your own leave type, adding your own name, colour and reason.

Deductible or non-deductible

Set if the reason for taking annual leave should be deducted from your employees balance or not

Managers Dashboard

When you login, you’ll be taken to the managers dashboard. The dashboard contains all the information you need to manage your employees annual leave in one quick glance.

  • List of requests waiting for approval
  • Your personal holiday balance
  • See who is off today and for the rest of the week

You can approve or decline holiday requests right from the dashboard


(coming soon)

Our reporting add-on is great way to get a birdseye view of your companies annual leave.

Reporting give you access to a number of additional metrics: 

  • Number of holiday requests made
  • Number of requests that are pending
  • Number of days left to take for the end of the year
  • Employees that havent used timesy

Whilst the graph, plots all the days off that have been booked, so you can clearly see when the busiest time of the year is for holiday.

Company directory

If you don’t have a full blown HR system the company directory is a great tool.

It means that you can keep all your employees contact details up to date, filter the search by different teams and much more.