Employee annual leave reporting

1.2.9 Employee annual leave reporting

Last week we had some feedback from one of our customers, they wanted to see who had used booked holiday Timesy and who hadn’t. This got us thinking… What if we built a reporting suite that was available for managers who wanted to dive deeper into their employees annual leave?

We’re pleased to announce we have finished the development and our manager reporting suite is completely free and live for all Timesy customers. We are the first Employee annual leave software to offer reporting and we’ve packed it full of useful insights and tools to help you manage your staff’s time off.

Let’s dive in and check out some of the annual holiday reports that it can produce:

Annual leave types breakdown

Whether its holiday, sickness or maternity leave this lets you see how your employees are using their days. By clicking the view button, it presents you with a doughnut chart of all the leave types and their percentages. You can even add your own leave types in the settings menu.

Time off status

If you want to make sure your approvers are on top of their time off requests, this report is for you. With one click it gives you a full breakdown of all dates booked on the platform and lets you see if they are pending, taken or have been accepted.

Company holiday left to take

No manager wants all their staff to store up all their holiday allowance and take it at the end of the year. See all your employees remaining balances in a glance to make sure you are not short staffed.

Employees that haven't booked time off

This great little feature, makes sure all employees are using Timesy to book their time off. Here you can see all the employees that are yet to book time off for the current year. We’ve even added a little button, which will email that employee a friendly reminder 😁

Busy periods Chart

This view lets you plan ahead and see when your busiest periods of the year are for annual leave. Normally companies would expect a higher level of annual leave during the summer months and in December but thats not always the case. This is combined with the yearly booking chart is a powerful tool to ensure your business is running at full capacity.

Yearly booking chart

This charts helps you visualise when people are booking their time off. Do people book their whole year off in January or as and when they need it?

If you have a report or metric that would be beneficial to your company, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to add it to our next release of Timesy.

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