What is Timesy?

Timesy is a low-cost, online and simple way of tracking employees holiday requests which eliminates the need for paper forms and spreadsheets.

Timesy aims to:

  • Save you time - Working out how much holiday employees have remaining
  • Save you money - By making sure you are not short staffed
  • Avoids miscalculating holiday - Meaning employees get more/less holiday than they should
  • Keep everyone in sync - Every employee gets their own calendar and can see who else is off and when

How did you come up with the idea?

It all started in 2018, working at my current job.

The process of booking annual leave was a long process, where you had to print off a form, fill it out by hand and pass to the manager for approval. Then you would be told or emailed if your request had been accepted or not. Lastly, all employees holiday balances we kept on a spreadsheet so you have to email in or keep a tally yourself of how much time you had remaining.

I knew there had to be a simpler and more efficient way to manage your holiday, so I decided to build my own.

Why did you build your own?

I looked online for a employee holiday planner and was surprised by the amount of results.

Most were bundled into huge HR platforms costing £6+ per employee a month – which would have been costly over time and we didn’t need 90% of the features. There was only one platform with a large user base that ticked the box with a much cheaper price point.

Bringing the idea to life

December 2018 – At my current job our holiday year runs from 1st April until 31st March – this gave me 5 months to design and build Timesy, so it would be ready for the new calendar year

January 2019 – Started building the core of timesy, the online staff booking calendar. Making sure that all different holiday types could be done and that the system accounted for public holidays and working patterns.

February 2019 – Was spent, building the team calendar and company hierarchy. Adding features such as Admin and approver permission levels and making sure everything synced correctly.

March 2019 – Testing, testing, testing. We went back through the entire system, making sure registration and signup was as simple as possible. 

April 2019 – Timesy was ready. I had created the company, added all my colleges and sent them an email inviting them to join. The next two months was spent thoroughly testing and improving the platform. You can find all the improvements in our changelog

June 2019 – After two months of testing, Timesy was finally ready to go public and the website was made live.

Meet the team

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